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Bribes, life threats… Father of rape survivor shares what all Asaram’s men put them through

April 27, 2018


Bribes, life threats… Father of rape survivor shares what all Asaram’s men put them through


Shahjahanpur: “I jumped with happiness and said, ‘Thanks God’.” This was the first reaction of 21-year-old survivor who had accused Asaram of rape on hearing that a Jodhpur court has ordered the disgraced godman to die in jail for raping her. The survivor, who will graduate soon, told 101Reporters in an exclusive interview that last night was the first time she’d slept well in four and half years.

“Ever since the case was registered against rapist Asaram, we have been spending sleepless nights,” she says. “Our business has been spoiled and all our relatives have become distant, but my family continued the fight against this mighty rapist and now he has been found guilty by the court.” She adds that her family would continue the fight against this man till their last breath.

“The verdict has again restored my faith in God and yes there is a God somewhere listening to our prayers,” she told this reporter. “Such kinds of Baba (godmen) are a burden on the Earth. The blind followers of these self-styled godmen should learn from my case or be ready to face what I had faced and what my family has gone through the last few years. We have faced a very difficult time and many times I thought that I would die. I went to many doctors, but my health was deteriorating and then one day, through a pandit, I got to know that Asaram had performed some sorcery to kill me,” she says.

Asaram Bapu. Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons

The survivor says that it wasn’t just Asaram’s followers but his advocates also who did their best to stop them from pursuing the case. “His advocates used to come with female advocates who touched me inappropriately with the aim to scare me. Once I told the advocates who were touching me that I am a TB patient and then they stopped doing that,” she says. The advocates were ostensibly trying to reconstruct how Asaram had misbehaved with her.

“Watching Salman Khan getting bail and coming out of the jail did not bother me because I have faith in the judiciary,” says the girl. Actor Khan had been lodged next to Asaram’s cell in Jodhpur central jail following his conviction in another case.

The survivor’s father says she had gone to college to sit for an examination when the news came. “Only me and my wife were at the home as my daughter along with my son had gone to the college for her examination. We became happy when we saw the news that court has convicted this rapist godman but then we got worried thinking about the quantum of sentence. After a few hours, the news broke that he has been sentenced to imprisonment till his last breath. He deserves this kind of punishment and we are satisfied with the judgement of the court, but we will challenge the acquittal of two others in the High Court,” he says.

The father recollects that his daughter, on hearing about the verdict, prayed and thanked the god and then hugged her mother with great happiness on her face. “We didn’t eat anything that morning due to the tension over what the verdict would be, but then our hunger completely disappeared due to happiness after hearing the verdict.” He too said it was the first time the family had a good sleep in the last four and half years.

“We used to sleep at around 4 or 4.30 in the morning but yesterday we got to know what actual sleep is. We woke up late for the first time in this hard time and whole family is very relaxed since the judgment,” he says, watching his daughter with tears rolling down his face.

We used to sleep at around 4 or 4.30 in the morning but yesterday we got to know what actual sleep is.

The father says that Asaram’s followers tried everything in their power to persuade the family to withdraw the case. “The followers offered us bribes to withdraw the case. They threatened us. They even reached my mother-in-law and offered her Rs. 90 crores as bribe. When she declined the offer they threatened her, saying they will kill me if the family did not withdraw the case. But my mother-in-law stood firm,” he says, sitting proudly beside his daughter.


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