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The Pathos of the Makers

August 24, 2020


The Pathos of the Makers

As festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja and Lakshmi Puja come close, Vishwakarma Shilpaya, a small workshop organised by local resident Jagadish Pal in Hinoo, Ranchi, shifts to top gear. With an increasing demand for idols during these festive times, they design beautiful idols of Hindu gods and goddesses.

At present, there are five sculptors associated with the group currently, but the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the purchasing power of people and sales in the market.

Moto Mehto, 67, scrutinising if the clay has set.
Bhokto Sarkar, 33, painting the idols of Lord Ganesha.
Arun Pal, 60, applying finishing touches to idols of Lord Ganesha.
Jagadish Pal, 60, the owner of Vishwakarma Shilpalaya, supervising at the workshop.
The sculptors have already started preparing for the upcoming festivals like Durga Puja.
The sculptors reside in small rooms in the workshop, as they are from other states such as West Bengal.
Sushanto Pal, 35, shaving before taking a bath as he gears up to start his regular day.