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Video by Pak youth claims Army involved in JeM camp

June 27, 2019


Video by Pak youth claims Army involved in JeM camp

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani youth took the internet by storm on Monday (June 24) after he uploaded a video on Facebook, claiming he was trained as a militant in a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) camp in Balakot and devoted five years to jihad before returning home.

In the video, the youth Rana Javed claimed he had seen personnel of Pakistani Army in the very training camp, that the Indian Air Force claims to have attacked in February in retaliation of the Pulwama bombing, and accused the Pakistani Army of sending trained militants to various destinations including India.

“I have wasted five years of my life to terrorism,” lamented Rana Javed, a resident of Bhakkar district in Pakistan’s South Punjab. He shocked his 22,000 social media followers, friends and family members as he announced he was going to commit suicide after broadcasting the video on Facebook.

The police claimed Javed had been defaming Pakistan army by posting anti-army slogans and spreading false information about the country’s armed forces on Facebook. He was booked by local police under the D-29 Telegraph Act MPO-16 last week. Bhakkar’s District Police Officer Shaista Nadeem said a case has been registered against Rana Javed for defaming institution of Pakistani Army and the police are raiding suspected places to arrest him.

However, the police were not aware that Javed had threatened to commit suicide in the video on Facebook. One of Javed’s family members told this correspondent after the video was shared that he was alive and in touch with the family. “He didn’t commit suicide. He’s on the run to avoid arrest,” the family source told 101Reporters.

Javed had a brief stint with Pakistani Army as Junior Clerk in military accounts. After his stints with JeM and the Pakistani Army, Javed was working with a private education academy as a junior teacher in Jaranwala city.

Javed’s remarks about Pakistan’s armed forces’ connections with militant training camps, especially with the alleged JeM camp in Balakot, has triggered a hot debate on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. While the majority of people were found accusing Javed as an agent of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), others believed he might be a sycophant.